I love tackling technical problems.

I have excelled in many areas including:
  • Enterprise network engineering.
  • Enterprise network security.
  • Communication protocol programming.
  • Dynamic database-driven web site programming.
  • Video game programming.
  • Classic systems programming.
  • Audio Engineering.
  • Very low light Photography.

I love helping people with accessibility problems.

Highlights of this include:
  • Guiding visually impaired cross-country skiers.
  • Training guides for visually impaired cross-country skiers.
  • Building a web site to help with hearing aid programming.
  • Rebuilding www.uubillerica.org and making it much more accessible.

The last two items are particularly satisfying since they combine technical and accessibility issues.

I also have fun with design and graphics. The fantasy movie above was created by processing two still images.

The background image is courtesy of NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team. (Id: heic0406a / opo0407a) I simply cropped and scaled this image.

The raw galaxy still image is courtesy of European Space Agency & NASA (Id: heic0602a) This image was manipulated using a series of masks to get just the center of the image on a transparent background.

The spin is a pretty basic tween with rotation in flash.